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  Threading its way across the AltWheels festival site, the Energy Freedom Trail offers visual, informative, and interactive displays along each of its "stop". In addition to stops on clean energy and energy efficiency, there are "starts" on green and sustainable lifestyle options." On Saturday, AltWheels "Green Hero" award recipients will share their insights. Energy Freedom Traul 2007 Banner
Boston City Hall Plaza — Fri/Sat 28-29 Sept'07       
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         Energy Freedom Trail Stops and Hosts subject to change. Please suggest a Stop or Start by emailing energyfreedomtrail@altwheels.org           

Stops and Starts Along the 2007 Energy Freedom Trail

  1. Calculate Your CO2 Footprint
    Hosts:   AltWheels Volunteers
    Description:   Find out how much CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) your lifestyle
    generates. Also, see how your carbon footprint compares to people
    from other regions around the globe, and at the Festival.
    Resources:   Global Footprint Network ( www.footprintnetwork.org)
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  2. Smart Transportation Choices
        massrides logo   
    Hosts:   MassRIDES
    Description:   Learn about alternative transportation choices currently
    available—it might surprise you.
    Resources:   MassRIDES ( www.commute.com)
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  3. Smart Driving
    Hosts:   AltWheels Volunteers
    Description:   Smart Driving includes safe driving and driving in ways to reduce
    fuel consumption. Stay safe and save dollars.

    Smart driving also includes driving a fuel efficient vehicle. Get acquainted with the 10 Best and 10 Worst fuel efficient vehicles and see how your car stacks up.
    Resources:   U.S. EPA/DOE Fuel Economy Website ( www.fueleconomy.gov)
    Union of Concerned Scientists ( www.ucsusa.org/clean_vehicles)
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  4. Walking—10,000 Steps a Day
        walkboston logo   
    Hosts:   WalkBoston
    Description:   When is the last time you took a walk? Join OprahÕs 10,000 steps a day
    campaign. Learn about the benefits of walking, where to walk and how
    it contributes to the Earth every time you do.
    Resources:   WalkBoston ( www.walkboston.org)
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  5. Biking & Bike Trails
        freedom trail foundation   
    Hosts:   The Freedom Trail® Players
    Description:   People around the world depend on bikes for transportation. The benefits
    to our physical health and the environment are many, if we bike more and
    drive less.

    Come see an antique bicycle and find out where the best trails are for
    biking fun too.
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  6. Plant A Tree
    Hosts:   Boston Urban Forest Coalition
    Description:   Trees play a key role in air quality. The City of Boston has pledged to
    plant 100,000 trees. Discover the difference you make by planting a tree.
    Resources:   Boston Urban Forest Coalition ( www.bostonforest.org)
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  7. Discover Alternative Energy
        national grid   
    Hosts:   Keyspan Energy Delivery now a proud part of
    National Grid USA
    Description:   Wind, solar, biofuels and more. Discover all the renewable energy
    sources you never knew were available and how you can utilize them
    to the benefit of your life and the planet.
    Resources:   Keyspan Energy Delivery ( www.keyspanenergy.com)
    National Grid USA ( www.nationalgridus.com)
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  8. Energy Efficiency — Energy Audits
    Hosts:   NSTAR Electric and Gas
    Description:   Did you know you can get a FREE Energy Efficiency Audit?
    Find out how and learn about discounts, rebates and pricing that
    are only available after an audit.
    Resources:   NSTAR ( www.nstaronline.com)
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  9. Green Buildings and Architecture
        Boston Building Materials Coop   
    Hosts:   The Boston Building Materials Co-op
    Description:   Green architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of
    buildings by enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials,
    energy, and development space — see what's in it for you and your community.
    Resources:   Boston Building Materials Co-op ( www.bbmc.com)
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  10. Sustainable Lifestyles
    Green Business Roundtable   
    Hosts:   The Green Roundtable
    Description:   The number of people striving to live more sustainable lifestyles has
    increaseddramatically. Learn about the advantages of a sustainable
    lifestyle and the simple steps you can take to change the quality of
    your life and the environment.
    Resources:   The Green Roundtable ( www.greenroundtable.org)
    NEXUS Green Building Resource Center ( http://www.nexusboston.com/)

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  11. Eco-Education
    Hosts:   Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
    Description:   Education is a key part of change. Look at sustainable curriculum
    from many sources.
    Resources:   NESEA ( www.nesea.org )

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  12. Zero Emissions Homes
    Hosts:   Jim Shipley, Architect (tentative)
    Description:   Meet Jim Shipley, an architect from Hull, MA who is leading the way in
    achieving a zero emissions home.
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  13. Sustainable Food
        Mass Audubon logo   
        Heirloom Farm
    Hosts:   Mass Audubon/Drumlin Farm
    Heirloom Harvest Community Farm and CSA
    Description:   Utilizing local organic farms decreases the need for trucking/fuel,
    increases the nutritional value of the food and inspires responsibility
    in our own local communities. Get the dirt on local farms and CSA's
    in Eastern Massachusetts.
    Resources:   Mass Audubon Nature Connection ( www.massaudubon.org )
    Heirloom Harvest Community Farm and CSA ( www.heirloomharvestcsa.com)

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  14. Recycling (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
        Mass Recycles   
    Hosts:   The Massachusetts Recycling Coalitio
    Description:   Paper, plastic and glass in the blue tubs are just the beginning.
    The opportunities for reducing, recycling and reusing will amaze you!
    Resources:   MassRecycles ( www.massrecycle.org)
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  15. Green Power Credits
        Mass Energy Consumers Alliance   
    Hosts:   Mass Energy Consumers Alliance
    Description:   Get informed on the many ways you can offset your greenhouse gas
    emissions including purchasing green power credit.
    Resources:   MassEnergy ( www.massenergy.com)
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  16. Socially Responsible Investing
        Progressive Asset Management   
    Hosts:   Progressive Asset Management
    Description:   Learn how you can use your investments to help change the world while
    achieving your financial goals.
    Resources:   Progressive Asset Management ( www.progressive-asset.com)
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  17. Environmental Activism
        Environment Mass   
    Hosts:   Environment Massachusetts
    Description:   Get informed. Get involved. Improve the world through political action.
    Resources:   Environment Massachusetts ( www.environmentmassachusetts.org)
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  18. Green Business
        Cambridge Local First   
    Hosts:   Cambridge Local First
    Sustainable Business Networks
    Description:   Environmentally sustainable business practices strive to support the needs
    of all stakeholders. Find out about your stake in the matter.
    Resources:   Cambridge Local First ( www.cambridgelocalfirst.org)
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  19. Green Cities
        Green Decade Coalition   
    Hosts:   Green Decade Coalition/Newton
    MCAN - Mass Climate Action Network
    Description:   Uncover the opportunities in throughout your community
    to impact climate change.
    Resources:   Green Decade ( www.greendecade.org)
    MCAN ( www.massclimateaction.org)

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  20. Learn to Share
        cambridge cohousing        
    Hosts:   Cambridge Cohousing
    Description:   Many sustainability actions from ride sharing to co-housing involve coming
    together in community and social groups to share resources. Massachusetts
    has some leading co-housing projects. Come learn about them.
    Resources:   Cambridge Cohousing ( www.cambridgecohousing.org)
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  21. Conserve Water

    Charles River Watershed Association   
    Hosts:   Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
    Charles River Watershed Association
    Description:   Water is a precious resource — learn how you can conserve it!
    Resources:   MWRA ( www.mwra.state.ma.us)
    CRWA ( www.crwa.org)

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  22. Eco-Literacy
        Pachamama Alliance   
    Hosts:   The Pachamama Alliance
    Description:   Appreciate how every action we take has an impact on the entire ecosystem.
    The clearer we see the connection, the better choices we make.
    Resources:   Pachamama Alliance ( www.pachamama.org)
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  23. Join the AltWheels Family
    Hosts:   AltWheels Volunteers
    Description:   Envision sustainable transportation and energy — be a part of the movement.
    Resources:   AltWheels ( www.altwheels.org)
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  24. Help Build the "Commitment Bridge"
    Hosts:   AltWheels Volunteers and others...
    Description:   Take a stand and make a pledge to make significant changes in your daily
    life and form a Commitment Bridge to a more sustainable future.
    Also, meet our Green Heroes at the Commitment Bridge stop!

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         Energy Freedom Trail stops and hosts subject to change. Please suggest a Stop or Start by emailing energyfreedomtrail@altwheels.org