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Thanks for making history at the Fifth Annual
AltWheels Alternative Transportation & Energy Festival
—  The 6th Annual AltWheels will be Fri./Sat. 26-27 Sept. 2008  —

    Ford HySeries Drive Edge

   • Energy Freedom Trail
   • Greening the Plaza
   • Green Energy Exhibitors
   • Kids Activities
   • Green Pioneers & Heroes
   • Demonstrations
   • Music and Art
   • Fleet Day
   • Media Info
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Wide Range of Exciting and Fun Activities
  ⇒  See the full list of 2007 Exhibitors/Sponsors
  • Unique one of a kind alternative vehicles from several million
    dollar fuel cell cars to cars that run on used vegetable oil.
  • The Energy Freedom Trail with a chance for each person to
    calculate their personal "Carbon Footprint" and learn 2
    4 ideas and resources or going on a carbon diet/reducing
    their carbon footprint. Includes 150 free Compact Flourescent
    Light Bulbs to first comers each day.
  • Awards for 20 Green Pioneers Friday 3-4 with Mayor Menino.
  • Awards for 20 Regional Green Heros Saturday 2-3.
  • Watch biodiesel being made.
  • Learn how ordinary hybrid cars can get 70 mpg.
  • Many activities for kids including onsite interactive exhibits from
    the New England Aquarium and The Museum of Science,
    face painting and more.
  • REI Free bike repair tent and bike exhibits.
  • Browse the onsite Borders sustainability bookstore.
  • Two Live Bands: Cocabanana Band and Kevin Connelly.
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    The Freedom Trail is registered trademark of the Freedom Trail Foundation.

    The Energy Freedom Trail ®

    Energy Freedom Trail Sign
    Wind on the Trail
  The Energy Freedom Trail consists of over 20 educational and active
booths that provide ideas and resources for the more than 20,000
attendees who want to know what they can do to reduce their
energy consumption. The Energy Freedom Trail addresses the
central question, "What can I do to create a more sustainable

Stops on the Energy Freedom Trail Include:

Your CO2 Footprint
Smart Transportation Choices
Smart Driving
Walking—10,000 Steps A Day
Biking and Bike Trails
Plant A Tree
Discover Alternative Energy
Energy Efficiency — Energy Audits
Green Buildings and Architecture
Sustainable Lifestyles
Zero Emissions Homes

Sustainable Food
Green Power Credits
Social Investing
Environmental Activism
Green Business
Green Cities
Learn to Share
Conserve Water
Join AltWheels
Commitment Bridge

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    2007 Exhibitors

Below is a list of AltWheels Exibitors, in addition to those participating in the Energy Freedom Trail, grouped by vehicle, fuel, or other activity.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

    aw06_bchp_plaza_024.jpg     aw06_bchp_plaza_080.jpg
  • Renewable Energy
    Wind Energy
    Solar Energy
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Cities
    Energy Star Appliances
    Smart Design and Green Buildings
    Green Energy Education
  • Sustainable Lifestyles
    Recycling and Source Reduction
    Healthy Body — Healthy Planet
    Sustainable Food

Green Transportation

  • Alternative Power-Train Vehicles
    Hybrid Cars
    Plug-in Cars (including hydrogen fuel-cell plug-is)
    Electric Vehicles
  • Alternative Fuel Cars
    Used Vegetable Oil
  • Alternative Fuel Trucks and Buses
    MBTA Natural Gas and Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel Buses
    Burke Oil Biodiesel Delivery Truck
  • Bikes, Scooter, Hand-Built Cars
    The Moonbeam!
    Delivery Bikes
    Segways, etc.
  ⇒  See the full list of Exhibitors/Sponsors
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    Celebrating Green Pioneers and
Regional Heros

  • Green Pioneers and Special Awards
      Green Pioneer awards will be given 3—4p on Friday afternoon
    on Boston City Hall Plaza with Mayor Menino,
    hosted by Christopher Lydon.

    Click Here for the List of 2007 Pioneers
  • Regional Heroes
      Regional Hero awards will be given out on Saturday, 2—3p. MC'd by Mike Mullaney of Mix 98.5.

    Click Here for 2007 Hero List and Profiles
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    Greening Boston City Hall Plaza

      Sidewalk Painting

Come Help us Green City Hall Plaza. For two days we hope to add some green life to the red brick of City Hall Plaza. A significant feature of this year's festival will be to "green the plaza" in many shapes and forms.

We have several nurseries donating plants and in some cases giving plants for auction. We will have plants in several sizes and shapes for sale. In addition, we will have a 20 foot diameter "green wheel" with plants from many corners of the State.

AltWheels will feature a stop on the Energy Freedom Trail with seeds and information on tree planting as a critical way to offset each of our carbon footprints.

We see greening the plaza as an important link to Mayor Menino's commitment to plant 100,000 trees in Boston. In addition we will feature green roof exhibits, and a giant tree to be painted by New England's most famous chalk artist Sidewalk Sam and hundreds of children.

Come join us.

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    Museum of Science

Boston Childrens Museum

New England Aquarium

    Kids Activities

The Childrens Museum will be returning to Boston City Hall Plaza this year.

The Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium will each have hands-on exhibits on Boston City Hall Plaza

Green Kids features kids talking to kids about the environment.

Noted chalk artist Sidewalk Sam will lead the the drawing of a Giant Tree on the Plaza. (See above.)

Kid's Face Painting. (Grown-ups too!)

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    Museum of Science

    North End Community Procession
to the City Hall Plaza Saturday Morning

On Saturday, Sept. 29 at 10am come to the Nazzaro Center playground next to Prince Street, halfway down the block from Hanover Street. The North End Marching Band and the Emperor Norton Stationery Marching Band will play for a few minutes before we leave promptly at 10:30. Two bands this year!

We will have FREE coffee and donuts at the Nazzaro Center for people who want to walk with us to the festival.

This year we will be accompanied by a giant walking wheel. Designed by an artist for First Night, it is eight feet tall and people will be walking inside it to make it roll! Also we will have artists on fishbikes and special surprise vehicles by artists!

Kids should bring your drums, kazoos and other musical instruments to play along with the band as we walk. You can decorate you bikes with colorful streamers and ride along. The only provision we ask is that we use only “human power” to get to City Hall.

We encourage everyone to walk in the parade. We hope to have clowns and jugglers.

We will also have flags and posters to encourage people to join the parade as we walk though the community. Bring balloons, costumes, and anything you think will add to the fun and festive atmosphere.

Please call Peter Smith at 617 233-6071 or e-mail him at psmith@igc.org if you can come so we will know how large a crowd to expect.

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    Demonstrations and Related Activities

Visit "Hobbit's Hybrid Technology Center" and learn how to get 70mpg
with your Toyota Prius.

Talk to owners of "Grease Cars" - vehicles converted to run on used vegetable oil

Borders Books will be on the Plaza offering titles from their Sustainability collection.

More details forthcoming...

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    Music and Arts

FRIDAY 5-7p:
Kevin Connelly returns to AltWheels

The CocaBanana Band is back
by popular request - arriving in their Priuses,
and powered by the Prius!


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    emperor nortons stationary marching band

Tap your toes to Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band.

Formed from the most talented deadbeats and drifters that could be rounded up, this group of raucous and rambunctious musicians will honk, wail, blow, beat, bounce, scream and serenade their way into your hearts. The dramatis personae play anything that won't break after vigorous use!

Including fiddle, flute, clarinet, saxes, brass, accordion, banjo, vibraphone, upright bass, drums and percussion. Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band is an ensemble that combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of free jazz and the irreverence and fun of today's vaudeville. Every show is a unique experience, and you never know what craziness will ensue when ENSMB is on the scene!!! Visit ENSMB HERE.

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Hitch Your Pledge Flag to John Tagiuri's "Only Earth" Globe

John Tagiuri has been creating community-focused public art in and around the city of Boston for over fifteen years. His sculptures and installations have rejuvenated a number of inner city parks and schoolyards.
Tagiuri's projects explore social and environmental issues; they are thought provoking and engaging to people of all ages and backgrounds. Much of his work has been produced in collaboration with inner city youth and community groups.

John Tagiuri's list of clients includes: UrbanArts, the City of Boston Schoolyard Initiative, Cambridge Arts Council, Somerville Arts Council, the Browne Fund, Boston Parks and the New England Foundation for the Arts. Tagiuri's projects can be seen in downtown Boston, East Boston, Boston’s South End, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brighton, South Boston, Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Somerville, Cambridge and Newton. You can contact John Tagiuri at 617-320-7581 or jtstudios@earthlink.net

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    Star Wheel Two    Star Wheel One

Mitch Ryerson will be on hand with the "Star Wheel"

The Star Wheel is, which will be participating in the AltWheels parade o Saturday is a wooden sculpture powered by human movement. See the Star Wheel in action at this year's Cambridge River Festival via YouTube.

Mitch is a nationally known studio furniture artist, and has participated in the River Festival many times throughout its 28-year history. He is best known in Cambridge for his public art project in and around the city, through which dying trees are carved into public seating.

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    Fish Bike

William Turville's FishBike

Turville's bike plays off the idea of "Fishin' Not Fission" and "Release Fish Not Bombs," linking the anti-nuclear/anti-war movement and the environmental movement. Turville holds a degree in architecture from Pratt Institute, and has been in residence several times at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont where he designed new studio and office space.

His work has been commissioned by First Night, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Windows Art Project and ArtBeat in Somerville, Children's Hospital Boston. He has received an Artist Fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council, and his work has been on exhibition in numerous galleries throughout New England. He is an active member of Reclamation Artists.

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The "Silver Girl" Living Statue

(Is she breathing?)

Silver Girl Living Statue

The Silver Swimmers"

( See their YouTube video)
Silver Swimmers
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