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   AltWheels Fleet Day 2012 - Monday, October 22nd 2012

7th AltWheels Fleet Day

AltWheels Started as a Public Transportation Festival

AltWheels is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization who's mission is to help build a
"Sustainable Transportation and Energy Vision for the 21st Century." AltWheels
started in 2003 with a large public festival originally held at Larz Anderson Museum
in Brookline, MA and starting in 2006 at Boston City Hall Plaza where in 2007
AltWheels's public festival had over 25,000 participants.

AltWheels mission is to showcase the best technology, educate passenger and fleet
consumers about available technologies and the real choices that exist, and stimulate
the demand for choices that will improve our health, air quality, and sustainable survival.
Since 2007 AltWheels has focused on an event to educate Fleet Managers about
available options in an annual event held in Framingham. AltWheels has won awards for
its powerful role shaping education on alternative transportation options from EPA Region I,
from the Women in Transportation Seminar for national leadership on the alternative
transportation topic, and for individual initiatives. AltWheels has been featured on a NOVA
special on PBS, on Channel 5, Fox News, the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor
among many other leading publications and media.

  The AltWheels Timeline

Year Festival Fleet Day Caravan Symposium
2003 Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
    Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
2004 Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
  Caravan from Larz Anderson to MIT Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
2005 Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
1st Fleet Day at Larz Anderson   Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
2006 Boston City Hall
Plaza and
Larz Anderson
2nd Fleet Day at Larz Anderson Caravan from Larz Anderson to MIT Boston Museum
of Science
2007 Boston City Hall
3nd Fleet Day at Larz Anderson    
2008   4th Fleet Day at
Staples World HQ
2009   5th Fleet Day at
Staples World HQ
2010   (Sabbatical Year)    
2011   6th Fleet Day at Four Points
  Sheraton, Norwood MA
2012   7th Fleet Day at Four Points
  Sheraton, Norwood MA

Over the years, AltWheels has showcased a broad and changing range of alternative vehicles, fuels, and transportation strategies. From Conference Bikes to Heavy Duty Hybrids, AltWheels has brought together thought-leaders and the general public on mobility options. Since 2003, we have seen hybrids become mainstream, plug-ins and pure EVs become commonplace, as well as a full-range of fuel and alternative vehicle options for commercial and municipal fleets, including CNG, biofuels, and heavy-duty hybrid service and public transportation vehicles. Fleet Days have informed hundreds of professionals not only about new offerings (including ride and drives), but best practice "enviro-logistical" approaches they can implement tomorrow.

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