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    The Following Organizations Have Served as
Co-Hosts of AltWheels Fleet Day:

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      epa smartway transport partnership

  American Public Works Association—New England Chapter

The New England Chapter of the American Public Works Association is one of 67 Chapters of APWA in the US and Canada. It has about 1,000 members who are part of the public works industry in five New England States (all except Maine, which has its own Chapter). The APWA New England Chapter's mission is to educate/further the public works industry, network amongst our peers and represent the public works professionals in New England.

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      epa smartway transport partnership

  BASEA - Boston Area Solar Energy Association

BASEA is primarily an educational organization involved in the promotion of solar and other sustainable energy technologies throughout the greater Boston area. Since 1982 BASEA has been an active part of the region's energy-use conscience. Our membership includes engineers, architects, scientists, utilities, builders, students, and the general public. We advocate the balanced, mindful and responsible use of renewable energy to insure a sustainable future. BASEA is the Boston area chapter of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. As an educational resource, BASEA provides opportunities to learn more about solar and sustainable energy technologies through our monthly BASEA Forum. The BASEA Forum provides an excellent opportunity to hear distinguished speakers from private industry, universities, government, and political advocacy groups. Past speakers have included representatives from the City of Boston, speaking on their building energy management efforts, Enersol Associates and their rural electrification projects in Central and South America, and various speakers on the subject of electric utility deregulation. BASEA is a prime sponsor of the annual Junior Solar Sprint where middle-school-age students build and race a small solar car model, competing towards national recognition.

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      epa smartway transport partnership

  Environmental Protection Agency—New England
SmartWay Transport Partnership

    www.epa.gov/ne and www.epa.gov/smartway/transport

EPA New England supports EPA's national SmartWay Transport Partnerhip. SmartWay is an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security.

Companies that provide or hire freight delivery and logistics services can become SmartWay Transport partners. EPA helps partners calculate their current environmental performance, set improvement goals, understand fuel-saving strategies and technologies, calculate cost savings, and win industry and public recognition for their efficiency and social responsibility.

Go to www.epa.gov/smartway to see why over 2000 shippers, carriers, logistics providers, and affiliates participate in the Partnership. See New England-based partners and contacts at www.epa.gov/smartway/transport/where-you-work/region1.htm.

Other dimensions of the SmartWay program include certifying "green" passenger vehicles, educating consumers on the benefits of cleaner vehicles and more efficient driving habits through the Leaf campaign, and promoting the benefits of renewable biofuels through the "Grow&Go" program.

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      Environmental Defense Fund

  Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund, a leading national nonprofit organization, represents more than 500,000 members. Since 1967, Environmental Defense Fund has linked science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships to create breakthrough solutions to the most serious environmental problems. For more information, visit www.edf.org.

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      Boston GreenFest

  Foundation for a Green Future Inc. / Boston GreenFest

The Foundation for a Green Future helps organize and run the Boston Greenfest on Boston City Hall Plaza. Mark your calendars for the third annual Boston GreenfestAugust 20-21, 2010.

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      Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition
Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition

  Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition

Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition (GLICCC) was established on October 18, 1996. In our 12-year history, GLICCC has awarded more than 10 million dollars of Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funding to various organizations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Award recipients include private companies, water districts and authorities, school districts, and utilities, Long Island townships, counties, and villages, as well as Long Island based federal and state agencies.

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      Maine Clean Communities

  Maine Clean Communities

Maine Clean Communities is a locally based government / industry partnership, coordinated by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and administered by GPCOG to expand the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel, and reduce the use of petroleum for transportation.

The purpose of Maine Clean Communities is to promote alternative, or clean, fuels and clean fuel vehicles which advance clean air objectives and energy independence. Clean fuel vehicles benefit the economy through conversions of conventional vehicles by developing new technologies and products and by expanding the clean fuel infrastructure.

The Maine Clean Communities Coalition is comprised of fleet managers, state and local officials, clean fuel providers, and other groups and individuals interested in promoting the use of clean fuels and clean fuel vehicles.

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      Maine Dept of Transportation

  Maine Dept. of Transportation

MaineDOT supports Governor John Baldacci's Energy Emergency Plan goal to assist Maine truckers facing significantly rising fuel costs. As Maine's transportation agency, MaineDOT is happy to co-host the AltWheels workshop to help truckers find ways to reduce their fuel costs and reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil.

Here is a brief description of what the Governor's Emergency Energy Plan's actions regarding trucks:

  • Propose to ME Legislature a Truck Efficiency Tax Incentives Program (TETIP) of capped Corporate Tax incentives for energy saving/idle reduction technologies and efficiency improvements by Maine resident owned truck fleets.
  • Continue to advocate for 100,000 lbs. limit for 6 axle trucks on non-Exempt Maine Interstate Highway System in Congress to increase payload productivity and reduce fuel consumption per loaded ton.
  • Facilitate free training opportunities by private companies focusing on anti-idling, progressive shifting and speed reduction to save fuel.
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  Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition

The Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition is a program that works to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) with the help of local businesses, organizations, and numerous state and federal agencies. The Coalition operates on the premise that we can change our communities for the better through cooperation and voluntary partnerships, working to improve air quality and reduce our reliance on imported oil.

The Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition is organized by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

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      Logo You Move Massachusetts

  Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation

The Executive Office of Transportation (EOT) is the primary transportation umbrella agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It has $1.4 billion in annual operating expenditures and a $1.4 billion capital program. EOT has direct oversight of the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD), the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission (MAC) and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), and works closely with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). The Secretary of Transportation also serves as the Chair of the MBTA's Board of Directors. Approximately 8,600 employees work for the agency.

EOT is charged with promoting economic vitality and a better quality of life by safely and efficiently moving people and goods within and through the Commonwealth. It manages 9,500 miles of roadway, oversees more than 2,800 bridges in the Commonwealth and serves 38 public use airports. It oversees the $500 million statewide road and bridge improvement program and Commonwealth motorist licensure. It also coordinates efforts to improve transit, water, bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation in Massachusetts.

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      Massachusetts Municipal Association

  Mass Municipal Association

The Massachusetts Municipal Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association that provides advocacy, training, publications, research and other services to Massachusetts cities and towns.

The MMA is the only statewide organization that brings municipal officials together to establish unified policies, to advocate these policies, and to ensure the effective delivery of services to community residents.

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      Mass Climate Action Network

  Mass Climate Action Network

The Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) is a coalition of locally organized groups fighting the climate crisis by promoting carbon-reducing practices in our homes and communities; supporting MCAN chapters and allied organizations to grow a focused statewide movement; and communicating policy to members and leveraging our collective voice at the state level.

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MassHighway's Environmental Section is responsible for overseeing the environmental compliance activities for MassHighway to ensure that the roadway and bridge construction and repair program as well as maintenance depot operations are conducted in an environmentally sound manner. This includes preparing and reviewing various environmental documents such as: Environmental Impact Reports, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and developing environmental policy.

Environmental staff are engaged in numerous permitting activities across a broad spectrum of environmental resource areas. They also conduct training and provide regulatory guidance and technical expertise to support the Engineering, Maintenance, Construction and Right of Way functions of the department to insure that all activities are in compliance with current regulations. These duties and responsibilities are carried out within four units: Project Development, Cultural Resources, Wetlands and Water Resources and Hazardous Waste/Materials, which perform a common function of ensuring that impacts to the environment and cultural resources are avoided , minimized and mitigated to the maximum extent practicable and providing guidance for environmental enhancement.

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  Massport - The Massachusetts Port Authority

Who is Massport?

  • We are Logan International Airport,
          New England's gateway to the world and the nation's 19th busiest airport.
  • We are Hanscom Field,
          the region's premier general aviation airport.
  • We are Worcester Regional Airport,
          an emerging gateway serving the growing needs of Central Massachusetts.
  • We are the Tobin Memorial Bridge, and
          Boston's major link to Points North and a vital artery for tens of thousands of workers who rely on the bridge for their daily commute.
  • We are the Port of Boston.
          whose hundreds of waterfront businesses and more than 9,000 workers, bring hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers
         through Boston and ship more than a million tons of cargo every year.

Massport facilities employ more than 20,000 people and generate more than $8 billion for the region's economy every year. By safely and securely moving passengers and goods, our airports, seaport and other world-class transportation facilities lay the foundation of individual freedom and economic prosperity for New England in today's global marketplace.

Logan International Airport has long served as a testing ground for a number of cutting edge alternative fuel programs and technologies. Massport began converting its Logan-based shuttle buses in 1995 and now all of Massport's fleet of26 airport shuttle buses operate using CNG. Logan is also home to the region's largest CNG filling station. Massport has worked closely with environmental agencies and airport tenants to encourage airport companies to convert their Logan fleets to alternative fuels. Fifty eight vehicles of Massport's Logan-based fleet operate on CNG or electricity. In addition, Massport has developed an annual vehicle acquisition program and procures additional CNG and electric vehicles as opportunities arise. In August 2006, Massport's CNG fleetsurpassed the ten millionth mile.

In 2001, Massport was hailed as an "AFV Hero" at the Opening Plenary Session of the Annual Clean Cities Symposium in Philadelphia.

Also in 2001, Massport and the MBTA executed an interagency agreement for the purchase of eight (8) Silver Line dual mode buses and the Massport Board approved the expenditure of approximately $13 million for this purchase. Initial Silver Line service to the Airport began in December 2004 and full service began in June 2005.

In July 2003, Massport's CNG Shuttle Bus Program was named the "Concept Most Likely to Reduce Emissions" at the First Annual AltWheels Festival. The CNG buses are an integral part of Massport's aggressive alternative fuel program and are used to transport passengers between Logan's terminals, the MBTA Blue Line station and Water Shuttle Dock. Recently Massport was recognized by the Airport's Council International- North America ( ACI-NA) and received the 2008 Environmental Management Award for Logan Airport's Emissions Reduction Program.

Beginning with the first AltWheels in 2003, Massport has graciously provided shuttle bus service to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and MBTA stops, using their buses powered with compressed natural gas (CNG). Thanks! Details on the full range of Massport environmental activities can be found here

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    NAFA Fleet Mgt Association

  NAFA - Fleet Management Association
          New England Chapter


The National Association of Fleet Administrators, Inc. (NAFA) is a not-for-profit, individual membership professional society serving fleets of automobiles, SUVs, trucks, vans, and a wide range of specialized mobile equipment in the United States and Canada. NAFA provides statistical research, monthly and annual publications, regional chapter meetings, government representation, annual conferences and trade shows, educational seminars and more.

NAFA's Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and disposal of more than 3.5 million vehicles — including in excess of 1.1 million trucks. NAFA Members across the North American continent have more than 350,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks in their fleets, totaling for more than $21 billion dollars in assets for medium- and heavy-duty trucks alone.

Whether commercial or public fleets, NAFA Members play an integral part in today's business environment. The more "traditional" fleet vehicles of passenger cars, vans, and SUVs managed by our Members total 1.4 million and account for $45 billion dollars in assets. This doesn't include a quarter million police sedans; 58,000-plus emergency vehicles; and 386,000 pieces of specialty equipment used by public service fleets, as well as commercial ones.

NAFA has more than 2,300 Full and Associate Members in 34 regional Chapters in the United States and Canada. NAFA's Members manage fleets for corporations covering a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations, governments (whether local, state and federal), or public service entities (law enforcement, educational institutions, utilities, etc.); still other Members serve financial institutions, insurance companies, non-profit organizations and the like. NAFA is also supported by more than 1,000 fleet professionals who do not qualify for either Full or Associate Member status yet have a great interest in the field. NAFA's Affiliates represent companies which have products or services, such as vehicles, aftermarket equipment, service shops, etc., to offer to Full and Associate Members.

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    Granite State Clean Cities

  New Hampshire - Granite State Clean Cities Coalition

The Granite State Clean Cities Coalition is a collaborative of over 50 public and private interests from all regions in New Hampshire. Coalition members support the goals of reducing dependence on foreign oil, and improving air quality, through the use of domestically produced, cleaner burning alternative fuels and other fuel reduction strategies.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles that run on fuels such as electricity, natural gas, propane, biodiesel, ethanol and hydrogen can help reduce vehicle emissions, provide domestic economic benefits, and increase the energy security of the U.S. by reducing our dependence upon foreign sources of petroleum. The stability of our transportation future, and perhaps even the nation's economy, rests upon our ability to diversify the nation's fuel sources and types.

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    New Jersey Clean Cities

  New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition

The NJ Clean Cities Coalition is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the state of New Jersey for the promotion of the development, deployment and use of alternative fuels, alternative fuels vehicles, and the appropriate related infrastructure. As a designated Coalition within the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, the NJ Clean Cities Coalition is one of approximately 90 similar entities across the US, and the only one in New Jersey.

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    NYC and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities

  New York City Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities Inc.

59 Maiden Lane, 35th Floor, New York, NY 10038 t: 212-487-4214 e: director@nyclhvcc.org

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    Ocean State Clean Cities

  Rhode Island - Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition

Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector by advancing the use of alternative fuels and vehicles, idle reduction technologies, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel blends, and fuel economy measures.

Rhode Island Coalition members include Abbott Chassis, Coventry RI; the American Lung Association of Rhode Island; Archway Bus Transportation, West Warwick, RI; GLB International, Trumbull, CT; Guardian Fuel and Energy Systems, Westerly, RI; New England Institute of Technology, Warwick, RI; Newport Biodiesel, Newport, RI; Providence Water Supply; REC Fleet Fuel Services, Providence, RI; Rhode Island Airport Corporation, Warwick RI; Town of South Kingstown; and the University of Rhode Island

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      Vermont Clean Cities

  Vermont Clean Cities

The Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is committed to advancing the economic, environmental and energy security of our state through cutting back on petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. The VCCC supports, promotes and helps coordinate Vermont-related efforts related to fuel efficient and alternative fueled vehicles, transportation alternatives to the automobile, anti-idling campaigns, programs that reduce vehicle miles travelled, and funding opportunities and programs that address the Clean Cities mission. For more information contact Karen Glitman at (802) 656-8868 or karen.glitman@uvm.edu.

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  WTS-Boston - Women's Transportation Seminar

Founded in 1977, the Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) is an international organization dedicated to the professional advancement of women in transportation. Boasting more than 4500 members (both women and men) in 45 chapters in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K, WTS helps women find opportunity and recognition in the transportation industry. Through its professional activities, networking opportunities, and unparalleled access to industry and government leaders, WTS is turning the glass ceiling into a career portal.

To fulfill its mission of advancing both the transportation industry and the professional women who are a growing part of it, WTS gives its members all of the necessary tools such as professional development, leadership training, scholarships, access to other professionals and a job bank, just to name a few. See www.wtsinternational.org for more details.

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    2009 AltWheels Co-Organizing Organization Profiles:

  Classic Communications

Classic Communications is a full-service public relations, marketing and event management agency based in Foxboro, Massachusetts. With clients in 14 states, Classic maintains a strong emphasis on promoting environmental organization's signature events such as the Charles River Watershed Association's Run of the Charles Canoe and Kayak Race, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts's Earth Night. Classic Communications recently helped the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions with their activities during the Democratic National Convention, and of course is helping with AltWheels. For more details look here.

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  Marin Strategies

For more than a decade Jeremy Marin has been providing communications and organizing expertise to non-profit and political clients. His work has put individuals on the front pages and top of the hour on major outlets nationwide.

Because he has spent his life working with and for non profits and politicians he understands what your needs are, how your organization works, and how to accomplish the goals you set.

Whether you are looking for public relations around a single event or a major campaign; if you're looking to build a crowd or build an organization; or whether you want some one-on-one communications preparation for an upcoming event or a day-long course for your leaders, I can help you meet your goals.

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  MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment

The Laboratory for Energy and the Environment (LFEE), one of MIT's numerous multidisciplinary research labs, focuses on the technical, policy, and systems related research on energy supply and use and its impacts on air, land, water, health and the economy. Recent transportation related research has focused on world trends in the use of--and emissions from--cars, trucks and planes; how to radically reduce vehicle emissions in developing country megacities (Mexico City); and how good future hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles are compared to advanced hybrid-gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles on a "well to wheels" basis.

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  Whole Foods

Whole Foods's core values encompass sustainable agriculture, wise environmental practices, community citizenship and integrity in its business dealings.

Sustainable Agriculture: Whole Foods supports organic farmers, growers and the environment through its commitment to sustainable agriculture and by expanding the market for organic products.

Wise Environmental Practices: Whole Foods respects the environment and recycles, reuses, and reduces its wastes wherever and whenever it can.

Community Citizenship: Whole Foods recognizes its responsibility to be active participants in its local communities. It gives a minimum of 5% of our profits every year to a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations.

Integrity In All Business Dealings: Whole Foods's trade partners are their allies in serving its stakeholders. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity at all times and expect the same in return.

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  Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP offers unparalleled legal representation across a comprehensive range of practices, offering a cutting-edge blend of capabilities that enable us to handle a broad range of clients' needs. Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP was formed in May 2004 through the merger of two leading law firms, Hale and Dorr LLP and Wilmer Cutler Pickering LLP. Our culture embraces the staunch commitment to public service and the causes of justice and fairness for which both predecessor firms were justly famous. Many of our lawyers have played, and continue to play, prominent roles in public service activities of national and international importance—from counseling US presidents to opposing racial discrimination and fighting apartheid.