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     Staples-Isuzu Eco Truck


Staples has a long-standing commitment to sustainability which focuses on four key areas: eco-friendly products, recycling services, investing in energy efficiency and renewable power and educating customers and associates about sustainability.

Staples has taken a number of steps to reduce the environmental impact of its delivery truck fleet. In the fall of 2006, Staples worked with Isuzu to reconfigure its delivery trucks to limit top speed to 60 miles per hour. As a result, fuel efficiency has improved by an average of 15 percent. This change resulted in a savings of more than 500,000 gallons of diesel in 2007 alone.

In early 2008, Staples started test piloting a hybrid diesel/electric delivery truck developed by Isuzu and Enova which is expected to further reduce fuel use compared to a standard delivery truck.

To help drive environmental improvements outside its own fleet, in 2007, Staples joined the EPA SmartWay program as a Shipper Partner. Through the EPA SmartWay program, the company is working to help ensure that the carriers it works with deliver products in an environmentally efficient manner.

For more information about Staples' sustainability initiatives, please visit www.staples.com/environment

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Dennis K. Burke

Dennis K. Burke
Ford Motor Logo

Ford Motor Company
  General Motors Logo





Toyota Motor
Sales U.S.A.


      Burke Oil E85 Station
Chelsea Biofuels Center
410 Beacham St., Chelsea MA

  Dennis K. Burke

Dennis K. Burke is one of New England's largest suppliers of diesel fuel, gasoline and motor oil products. The family-owned business has over 45 years of reliable service. Pioneers in the green arena, the company's focus is on cleaner fuels.

Burke Oil recently opened their new biofuels center at 410 Beacham Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts. The opening marks the first station in Massachusetts to offer E85 Ethanol at the pump. The station already has the distinction of being the first in Massachusetts offering Biodiesel at the pump.

The Chelsea-based company recently began operations in their new biofuels storage facility in Holyoke, MA. The storage facility will help Burke keep pace with growing demand for cleaner fuels like Biodiesel and Bioheat.

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     Mariner Hybrid Livery

  Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company is committed to offering customers affordable environmental technologies in the vehicles they want and value. To do this, Ford is introducing a range of global environmental technologies that provide customers with more fuel-efficient vehicles emitting fewer greenhouse gases without compromising safety, interior room or performance.

Ford is focused on solutions that reach not just hundreds or thousands of cars, but millions of vehicles - because that is how Ford can truly make a difference. Near- and longer-term advancements from Ford include EcoBoost turbocharging and direct injection technology, multi-speed transmissions, advanced electric power steering, weight reductions, aerodynamic improvements, hybrid vehicles, diesel engines, biofuel-capable vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles.

An overview of Ford's current and future technology options, including the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid — with an 41 mpg city fuel economy can be seen here.

     Mariner Hybrid Livery

Ford was the first company worldwide to offer a hybrid Sports Utility Vehicle, the Ford Hybrid Escape. One of the first Hybrid Escapes to reach the New England Market participated in the 2004 AltWheels MOT-to-MIT Caravan!

Hybrids are just one of many environmentally innovative vehicles that Ford is working on. Click here to see descriptions of activities related to hydrogen-fueled vehicles, biofuels, and other activities.

Ford's environmental commitment encompasses a broad range of corporate activities. A full list of them is available here. AltWheels greatly appreciates the support of Ford Motor, and all its other sponsors.

See also:

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    Chevrolet Volt - 230 mpg (gasoline) City

  General Motors

Chevy Volt. Launching 2010. The Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, the Chevy Volt, is redefining the automotive world. Its propulsion system is unlike any other vehicle or electric car that's ever been introduced. The Volt is designed to move more than 75 percent of America's daily commuters without a single drop of gasoline. That means for someone who drives less than 40 miles a day, Chevy Volt will use zero gasoline and produce zero emissions.

Unlike traditional electric cars, Chevy Volt has a revolutionary propulsion system that takes you beyond the power of the battery. It will use a lithium-ion battery with a gasoline-powered, range-extending engine that drives a generator to provide electric power when you drive beyond the 40-mile battery range.

    Chevrolet Fuel Solutions

In the Summer of 2007, Chevrolet launched its major informational campaign "Chevy Fuel Solutions" to educate the public about the full range of technologies that Chevy is developing to improve fuel economy, reduce dependence on oil, and reduce environmental emissions.

Chevrolet believes hydrogen is the most effective long-term response to address the global climate issue in the motor vehicle industry. Fuel cell vehicles fueled by hydrogen are more than twice as energy efficient as internal combustion engines and produce zero emissions—only heat and water leave the tailpipe. With hydrogen produced from renewable sources of energy, fuel-cell vehicles are truly zero-emissions vehicles.

Chevrolet also believes that renewable biofuels, especially ethanol made from cellulose, will have a role in the mid- to long-term future in many regions, except Europe. Vehicles operating on biofuels have the potential to greatly reduce (though not entirely eliminate) greenhouse gas and other emissions. Furthermore, the vehicle technology is largely developed, and Chevrolet has produced and sold almost two million flexible fuel vehicles in North America that can operate on blends of gasoline and ethanol up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). In Brazil, GM produces vehicles that can operate on 100 percent ethanol.

    GM Flex-fuel Vehicles

Chevrolet envisions a period of transition from the internal combustion engine to the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and biofuels characterized by continuous improvements in conventional vehicle technologies (Gasoline Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management engines, variable valve timing, six speed transmissions, lightweight materials for mass reduction, and aerodynamics improvements), modern diesel technology, and the introduction of a variety of hybrid vehicles for consumer and commercial markets.

At GM, Fleet buyers and drivers have plenty of great choices. We offer a wide range of alternative fuel vehicles. All built to last. With several fuel types and today's most popular features. Chevrolet is helping its customers move in a new direction.

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    massport logo

  Massport - The Massachusetts Port Authority

Who is Massport?

  • We are Logan International Airport,
          New England's gateway to the world and the nation's 19th busiest airport.
  • We are Hanscom Field,
          the region's premier general aviation airport.
  • We are Worcester Regional Airport,
          an emerging gateway serving the growing needs of Central Massachusetts.
  • We are the Tobin Memorial Bridge, and
          Boston's major link to Points North and a vital artery for tens of thousands of workers who rely on the bridge for their daily commute.
  • We are the Port of Boston.
          whose hundreds of waterfront businesses and more than 9,000 workers, bring hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers
         through Boston and ship more than a million tons of cargo every year.

Massport facilities employ more than 20,000 people and generate more than $8 billion for the region's economy every year. By safely and securely moving passengers and goods, our airports, seaport and other world-class transportation facilities lay the foundation of individual freedom and economic prosperity for New England in today's global marketplace.

Logan International Airport has long served as a testing ground for a number of cutting edge alternative fuel programs and technologies. Massport began converting its Logan-based shuttle buses in 1995 and now all of Massport's fleet of 26 airport shuttle buses operate using CNG. Logan is also home to the region's largest CNG filling station. Massport has worked closely with environmental agencies and airport tenants to encourage airport companies to convert their Logan fleets to alternative fuels. Fifty eight vehicles of Massport's Logan-based fleet operate on CNG or electricity. In addition, Massport has developed an annual vehicle acquisition program and procures additional CNG and electric vehicles as opportunities arise. In August 2006, Massport's CNG fleet surpassed the ten millionth mile.

In 2001, Massport was hailed as an "AFV Hero" at the Opening Plenary Session of the Annual Clean Cities Symposium in Philadelphia.

Also in 2001, Massport and the MBTA executed an interagency agreement for the purchase of eight (8) Silver Line dual mode buses and the Massport Board approved the expenditure of approximately $13 million for this purchase. Initial Silver Line service to the Airport began in December 2004 and full service began in June 2005.

In July 2003, Massport's CNG Shuttle Bus Program was named the "Concept Most Likely to Reduce Emissions" at the First Annual AltWheels Festival. The CNG buses are an integral part of Massport's aggressive alternative fuel program and are used to transport passengers between Logan's terminals, the MBTA Blue Line station and Water Shuttle Dock. Recently Massport was recognized by the Airport's Council International- North America ( ACI-NA) and received the 2008 Environmental Management Award for Logan Airport's Emissions Reduction Program.

Beginning with the first AltWheels in 2003, Massport has graciously provided shuttle bus service to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and MBTA stops, using their buses powered with compressed natural gas (CNG). Thanks! Details on the full range of Massport environmental activities can be found here

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     Third Generation Prius

  Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) takes pride in what the Toyota name represents—innovation, quality and reliability. From Toyota associates and dealers to its suppliers and customers, Toyota's devotion to constant improvement results in an exceptional line of cars and trucks.

Toyota Fleet is committed to fostering strong relationships with its Fleet business partners by providing quality products and programs.

Toyota products and services will represent the finest in quality and value, to improve life for our customers, while respecting the earth's limited resources.

Toyota practices the belief that "there is not best, only better."

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Eaton Corporation


Mass. Clean
Cities Coalition


North America

  NAFA Fleet Management Assoc

NAFA Fleet Management
Assoc.—New England

national grid

National Grid


Womens Transportation Seminar

Paul Revere

penske logo

Penske Truck

planetran logo


Propane Education and Research Council

Propane Education &
Research Council

penske logo

Smith Electric



AVSG LP assists fleet customers implement successful natural gas vehicle (NGV) programs by providing compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet opportunity assessment, vehicle specification and purchasing consultation, grant writing, and turnkey CNG station solutions from design through commissioning and O&M services.

AVSG currently operates twelve full public-access CNG stations in eastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.

AVSG is based in Boston, MA and serves the six-state New England region.

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     Eaton Logo

  Eaton Corporation

Hybrid power isn't just about fighting the rising costs of fuel. It's about creating and sustaining a greener future that we can feel good about leaving to our children. It's about doing what's right.

Eaton Corporation has been awarded the Blue Sky Award for being first in developing and bringing to market both hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

CALSTART, North America's leading advanced transportation technologies consortium, presents this award annually to formally recognize and reward outstanding contributions not only to develop clean vehicles and technologies, but also to actively bring them to the marketplace. To learn more, go to http://www.calstart.org.

Following years of successful development and extensive real-world testing, Eaton has emerged as a market leader in the development and production of hybrid power systems for commercial vehicle fleets.

Eaton has invested in three separate hybrid power solutions for commercial vehicles instead of a one-size-fits-all approach:

   ⇒   Hybrid Electric
   ⇒   Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist™ (HLA®) System
   ⇒   Series Hydraulic

Hybrid power is particularly appealing for Class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles, especially in stop-and-go applications. Also see the available Federal tax credits for hybrid commercial vehicles. You can read more about the details of Eaton's Hybrid systems here.

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  Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition

The Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition is a program that works to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) with the help of local businesses, organizations, and numerous state and federal agencies. The Coalition operates on the premise that we can change our communities for the better through cooperation and voluntary partnerships, working to improve air quality and reduce our reliance on imported oil.

The Massachusetts Clean Cities Coalition is organized by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

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    Mercedes-Benz 2010 S400 Hybrid Sedan
The 2010 S400 Hybrid Sedan

  Mercedes-Benz North America

In the second half of 2009, Mercedes-Benz will launch two hyrid vehicles, the ML450 hybrid and the S400 hybrid. The ML450 can run on the electric motor alone to over 30 mph. The S400 hybrid will be the first mass production vehicle to utilize a lithium-ion battery, and incorporates start/stop functionality for when the vehicle is at stop lights, etc.

Another leading innovation in fuel economys is Mercedes-Benz's BlueTEC Clean Diesel engine. Not just clean diesel, but one of the cleanest engines ever. Certified for use in all 50 states, the BlueTEC engine includes advanced techniques to reduce pollutant emissions by combining filters and catalytic converters. BlueTEC engines offer 20-30% better fuel efficiency than similar gas-powered cars, offering a range of up to 600 miles.

Mercedes-Benz's long history of sustainability activities also includes employee "Think Green Teams," US Green Building Council certified dealerships

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  NAFA — Fleet Management Association - New England Chapter

The National Association of Fleet Administrators, Inc. (NAFA) is a not-for-profit, individual membership professional society serving fleets of automobiles, SUVs, trucks, vans, and a wide range of specialized mobile equipment in the United States and Canada. NAFA provides statistical research, monthly and annual publications, regional chapter meetings, government representation, annual conferences and trade shows, educational seminars and more.

NAFA's Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and disposal of more than 3.5 million vehicles — including in excess of 1.1 million trucks. NAFA Members across the North American continent have more than 350,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks in their fleets, totaling for more than $21 billion dollars in assets for medium- and heavy-duty trucks alone.

Whether commercial or public fleets, NAFA Members play an integral part in today's business environment. The more "traditional" fleet vehicles of passenger cars, vans, and SUVs managed by our Members total 1.4 million and account for $45 billion dollars in assets. This doesn't include a quarter million police sedans; 58,000-plus emergency vehicles; and 386,000 pieces of specialty equipment used by public service fleets, as well as commercial ones.

NAFA has more than 2,300 Full and Associate Members in 34 regional Chapters in the United States and Canada. NAFA's Members manage fleets for corporations covering a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations, governments (whether local, state and federal), or public service entities (law enforcement, educational institutions, utilities, etc.); still other Members serve financial institutions, insurance companies, non-profit organizations and the like. NAFA is also supported by more than 1,000 fleet professionals who do not qualify for either Full or Associate Member status yet have a great interest in the field. NAFA's Affiliates represent companies which have products or services, such as vehicles, aftermarket equipment, service shops, etc., to offer to Full and Associate Members.

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    National Grid Power of Action Bears
National Grid's "Take Action" Initiative

  National Grid US

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles. In Spring 2008, National Grid added more than 60 new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its fleet as part of its continuing effort to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.

Added to the company's existing fleet of approximately 900 CNG vehicles are 66 new Honda Civic GX sedans, recognized as the "Greenest Vehicle of 2008" by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The Civic GX is powered by a four-cylinder engine that has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the "Cleanest Production Engine" currently available.

"We recently announced our intent to increase our target for reducing company-wide greenhouse gas emissions from 60 to 80 percent by 2050 and adopt carbon budgets across our operations," said Jennifer Zschokke, vice president, Sustainable Development for National Grid. "Use of CNG vehicles in our daily operations will help achieve this target while mitigating the effects of climate change without affecting our ability to serve our customers. We're committed to safeguarding our global environment for future generations to come."

During 2007, National Grid's CNG fleet displaced over 360,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel by using clean, economical natural gas, and:

•  Eliminated over 1,512 tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas
•  Eliminated over 100 lbs. of nitrous oxide, a contributor to smog
•  Eliminated the need for more than 18,100 barrels of imported oil

See National Grid's full article on CNG automobiles in the USA. here.

Climate Change Policy. National Grid, internationally, continues its climate change initiative including increasing energy efficiency programmes, focusing on initiatives that are cost effective and regulated. Natioal Grid recognizes that a 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target is a responsibility of industry leading within the UK and US. National Grid has now set an intermediate objective of a 45% reduction in our emissions by 2020.

These targets remain at the centre of National Grid's efforts to identify and implement measures to meet its commitment to safeguard our global environment for future generations. In 2009/10, it will be evaluating the inclusion of Scope 3 emissions into these targets.

National Grid's overall Climate Change Policy, announced in April 2009, can be viewed here.

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  Paul Revere Transportation

Paul Revere Transportation (PRT) is a Massachusetts (DTE) licensed bus company with extensive experience in the operation of safe bus transportation for a variety of clients.

In the area of alternative transportation, Paul Revere Transportion is now providing service to the Charles River TMA (Transportation Manageent Association) using seven new 35' CNG buses. These seven buses are now the cleanest and quietest buses in the entire northeast region due to the Cummins-Westport ISL CNG engine. (See news article, May 2009.)

Paul Revere currently operate a fleet of over 150 vehicles, including 108 full-sized buses, 38 shuttle vans, and 18 air-conditioned, lavatory-equipped motor coaches. All are equipped with wheelchair lifts, and are turbo charged to mitigate emissions.

Paul Revere was developed in 1990 and since then we have continued to grow with a number of daily contracted bus runs and charters, becoming known for our high quality, reliable, customer responsive service.

Paul Revere Transportation is guided by the following three objectives: To provide safe, reliable, professional, and efficient transportation services to meet the needs of its customers, reduce costs and increase service efficiencies; To utilize new or rehabilitated equipment which will provide a high degree of reliability and customer satisfaction; To ensure a stable workforce with the skills necessary to maintain a high quality of service over the long term.

Among its clients, Paul Revere Transportation provides bus services to Massport and the Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization (MASCO).

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    penske logo

  Penske Truck Leasing

Penske lets you focus your time, energy and capital on your core business, while providing resources to help reduce transportation costs and improve customer service with improved on-time delivery. Fleet services can be customized to your business to help lower operating costs and exposure to risks.

Penske solutions and services include.

  • Precision Plus, a premium, full-service leasing product featuring web-based fleet management
  • Precision Lease, a standard, full-service leasing product
  • Precision TEAMLease, alternative lease financing options coupled with Precision Maintenance
  • Precision Maintenance, the gold standard in transportation maintenance
  • Fleet InSite, low-cost, web-based vehicle tracking
  • Specialized Equipment Services, for optimizing fleets of utility trucks, transit buses or municipal vehicles
  • Precision Rental, for unexpected fleet needs

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   Planettran Logo


PlantTran set out to be pioneers in a new category of ground transportation that they call Smart Transport. What is Smart Transport? Simply put it is delivering the highest professional car service standards combined with the best-in-class technology and the most fuel efficient car fleet available. All that at the greatest value in the market.

PlanetTran operates only hybrid vehicles. Having the most fuel efficient and newest fleet in the market averaging more than 40 mpg means we're doing the most to reduce carbon emissions. PlantTran began operating in 2003 with one Toyota Prius and today it operates 36. In that time, PlanetTran has logged about 8.5 million miles with the Prius and have not had any major problems. User error such as a flat tire and locking the keys in the car have occurred, but the Prius has been extremely reliable as our fleet's base model.

But PlantTran understands that value matters which is why its services are typically 30% to 60% less expensive than traditional black car livery services.

PlanetTran strives to make its business as efficient as possible and your trip as productive as possible which is all part of our Smart Transport philosophy.

     Planettran Logo
  • Tracking GPS - Each PlanetTran car is equipped with tracking GPS that allows our dispatchers to know the continuously updated location of each car so that we are never late.
  • In Car Wireless- Catch up on email, download an important document, or just read a box score while relaxing in our cars. In car wireless allows our passengers to remain productive and connected.
  • Email and Text notifications - Enjoy the convenience of email and/or text notification 15 minutes prior to your pick-up with driver contact information. These messages also allow you to evaluate your driver's performance helping us improve our service to you.

Use PlanetTrans's Smart Transport for your airport transfers and other car service needs via www.altwheels.planettran.com PlantTran serves New England and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Propane - Exceptional Energy

  Propane Education and Research Council (PERC)

The Propane Education & Research Council promotes the safe, efficient use of odorized propane gas as a preferred energy source through investments in research, safety, and consumer initiatives. Since 1998, the Propane Education & Research Council has concentrated on the three important missions: research and development, safety and training, and consumer education. Each mission area has an advisory committee that creates activities for industry members and the public.

PERC's overall mission is to promote the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source. With Congress's passing of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) in 1996, the industry began to conduct a referendum among propane producers and marketers, who overwhelmingly approved the formation of the Council.

The Council receives funding by an assessment or "check-off" on each gallon of odorized propane gas. The assessment will collect five-tenths of one cent per gallon in 2006. The assessment is projected to collect $50.4 million dollars in 2006 to fund programs and projects. Through the Council, the propane industry has committed itself to a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to improve consumer and employee safety, to fund research and development of new and more efficient propane equipment, and to expand public awareness of propane and its many uses and environmental advantages.

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      penske logo

  Smith Electric Vehicles

Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corp brings a fresh American vision and perspective with an exciting combination of tried-and-true electric vehicle know-how. With eight decades of success in Europe, from day one Smith Electric has a legacy of success. In 2009, Smith made a strategic move to the United States, becoming the firstcompany producing all-electric zero-emission commercial trucks in the USA.

Smith's has 80 years of proprietary expertise in electric vehicles including integrating electric power trains, battery packs and control systems into commercial truck chassis envelopes.

The Smith Newton is the world's largest electric delivery vehicle with a top speed of 50 mph and 100 miles on a single charge. The Newton is the perfect solution for a wide range of urban applications and is available in from 16,535 lbs to 25,999 lbs GVWR's. The Newton will be followedby a range of vehicles designed for the commercial market.

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  A123 Systems

A123 Systems
American Honda



bob mann auto conversions

Bob Mann's Auto

  City of Boston Seal

City of

converdant vehicles


greenfield compression


isuzu trucks

Isuzu Commercial Truck
of America

  lincoln service and equipment

Lincoln Service and
minuteman trucks


peterbilt trucks


peterbilt trucks

Royale Limousine
  Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of
Automotive Engineers

tri state truck center

smart center

the foresight project

The Foresight




tri state truck center

Tri State
Truck Center

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    hymotion prius


  A123 Systems

Based on new nanoscale materials initially developed at MIT, A123Systems' low impedance Nanophosphate electrode technology provides significant performance advantages over alternative high power technologies. Nanophosphate is a positive electrode material of remarkable rate capability, critical to high power systems. A123's high power products are able to pulse at discharge rates as high as 100C and deliver superior power by weight or volume in a cost effective solution. With their low impedance and thermally conductive design, A123 high power cells can be continuously discharged at a 35C rate, a marked improvement over other rechargeable battery alternatives.

For automotive applications is A123's Hymotion L5 PCM. Our Hymotion L5 Plug-in Conversion Module turns a Prius into a plug-in hybrid capable of achieving 100+ miles per gallon. Plug in now and get:

  • Up to 60% reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Up to 100+ MPG for the first 30 - 40 miles of electrically assisted driving*
  • Automatically reverts to standard hybrid operation until next charge - driving range not limited by battery charge
  • Charges from standard household outlet

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    honda environmentology
Honda introduced the first Civic CVCC in 1974.
Today's 2008 Civic Hybrid gets 46 MPG (EPA).

  American Honda

Honda has the most fuel-efficient car fleet of all 10 major
vehicle manufacturers and was the first automaker in America
to introduce low-emission vehicles, hybrid vehicles and a
fuel cell car. Our environmental leadership is the result
of our independent investment in original technology. We will
continue this commitment to create cutting-edge technologies
that balance environmental responsibilities with our customers'
needs for performance and safety.

  • The Union of Concerned Scientists named Honda as the 2004 Greenest Automaker
  • The Accord Hybrid is the world's first V-6 powered hybrid and features Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) cylinder deactivation technology to deliver V-6 performance with 4-cylinder fuel efficiency.
  • Honda's latest FCX fuel cell vehicle includes a new fuel cell stack developed by Honda that is capable of starting at temperatures as low as minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The fuel cell stack is less expensive to produce because it is made of stamped metal plates and has 50 percent fewer parts than earlier versions. Fleets of FCXs are on the road today in California, New York and Nevada.
  • For Model Year 2005, more than 75 percent of Honda and Acura vehicles meet or exceed tough new Tier 2 emission standards, requiring a 75 percent reduction in NOx emissions-a year ahead of EPA requirements.
  • Named the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on earth by the EPA, the Civic GX runs entirely on natural gas. Unlike other flex- or duel-fuel vehicles, which operate primarily on gasoline, the Honda Civic GX is run on alternative fuel and is virtually pollution-free.

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    Azure Step Van
                  Azure "Balance" Van

  Azure Dynamics

Azure Dynamics' principal business is supplying hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle control and powertrain systems. Azure has developed proprietary electric and hybrid electric drive technology for the light to heavy duty commercial vehicle categories, and has expertise in vehicle controls software, power electronics, electric machine design, vehicle systems engineering and vehicle integration.

Azure also has an established portfolio of proprietary component products that compliment its core technical skills and makes use of an extensive industry supplier base to offer complete power train solutions to target markets including delivery vans, shuttle buses and electric drive applications.

Two dozen parallel hybrid ("Balance") pre-production trucks are operating with major package delivery fleets across North America. Of these, 20 have been in service with FedEx Express in California since the beginning of the summer, for a total of about 60,000 miles. FedEx Express has seen approximately 30% mpg improvement over standard Ford E-450 vehicles on urban stop/start drive cycles (~8-11 mpg vs. ~6-8 mpg, depending on route.) About 25,000 additional miles have been accumulated with other customers. By the end of September, 15 trucks are starting service with AT&T in 8 U.S. locations, and 105 trucks will begin operation during 4Q08 with Purolator Courier in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Azure Dynamics is headquartered in Detroit with offices in four centers across North America. Azure is a public company trading on the TSX Exchange in Canada, the AIM market in London, UK and internationally on the OTCQX.

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    honda environmentology

  Bob Mann's Automotive Conversions

Bob Mann's Auto Conversions specializes in Volkswagen bi-fuel conversion installations. Bob Mann Auto Conversions offers converted vehicles and conversion kit installations that are capable of running on compressed natural gas and/or gasoline.

Bob Mann Auto Conversions combines a total of 35 years of automotive experience with the past 10 years as a certified Volkswagen/Audi technician. Blending a strong mechanical and electronic knowledge with low emission vehicles Bob Mann Auto Conversions is able to achieve our goal of helping the environment by reducing green house gases. Collaborating with global suppliers Bob Mann merges proven technology with reliable economical vehicles.

Use of low cost and safe aftermarket conversion kits means that no changes are made to fuel injection systems or Federal Emission Standards.

Bob Mann Auto Conversions is committed to joining the nationwide movement to reduce our dependence on foreign energy and promoting a cleaner cheaper source of fuel.

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    converdant logo

  Converdant Vehicles

ConVerdant Vehicles offers plug-in conversions for cars and trucks in New England. ConVerdant has been working with vendors to make electric and hybrid vehicle conversions for over 10 years. Converdant provides sales, installation and support in New England, and due to its decade long experiencem offers reliable, affordable and convenient products and services.

ConVerdant Vehicles has three offerings to start:

  • Converting the Prius into a Plug-in Hybrid
  • Converting Light Duty Trucks into Plug-in Hybrids
  • Converting Cars and Trucks into plug-in Electric Vehicles

Put a plug on your vehicle and tap into a cleaner and cheaper source of fuel – the Electric Grid. Electricity can power your car for a quarter to a half the cost of gasoline/diesel. Every mile you drive on electric power, is money saved. In many cases you can double your MPG, or forego the pump altogether. The power plants that make the electricity generate about 1/3 the emissions per mile vs gasoline and diesel engines, with zero tailpipe emissions. So every mile driven on electric power decreases your carbon footprint [and improves your MPG]. [ConVerdant" is Latin derived, meaning "with green."]

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    greenfield refueling station

  GreenField Compression

GreenField develops and manufacturers the most reliable, technologically advanced, leading edge equipment available for NGV Applications

Greenfield brings decades of experience in compressed natural gas fueling systems. Greenfield provides manufacturing, design, packaging, testing and service support facilities for our cng equipment based in our richardson tx facility. Greenfield is the premier source for all cng equipment from compression through dispensing systems.

Stability - GreenField, as part of the Atlas Copco group, has the long term financial, operational and service support capabilities unmatched in the industry. GreenField and Atlas Copco provide a nationwide network of in-house service, parts and repair that provide all of our clients service needs. GreenField has available a number of equipment finance & leasing options to make it easier for our clients to start or expand their CNG fueling operations.

Quality - GreenField is the designer, manufacturer and packager for all our compression equipment. GreenField controls all steps from casting, machining, quality control, fabrication, testing and start-up which equals the highest level of product quality. This quality commitment gives us the ability to offer the highest value in compressed natural gas fueling systems.

To learn how our Experience, Stability and Quality can benefit your CNG Fueling needs contact us at. • Eastern US - Scott Zepp - 1-603-231-1940 - scott.zepp@us.atlascopco.com • Western US - Hank McElvery - 1-480-951-6854 - hank.mcelvery@us.atlascopco.com

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    Isuzu Van

  Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

For 21 years, Isuzu low cab forward trucks have been America's #1 choice. An amazing 86% of all Isuzu trucks ever sold in America since 1986 are still registered today. You'll find the same legendary dependability, low cost of operation, unsurpassed handling, panoramic visibility and ease of maintenance in our current line-up. Features like these will enhance the overall efficiency and profitability of your business today and well into the future.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. (ICTA) now directly distributes its low cab-forward commercial trucks through its Isuzu dealers and through GM's Chevrolet and GMC medium-duty dealers. ICTA will distribute its range of Class 3 through 5 low cab-forward trucks through its dealer network and through GMC and Chevrolet medium-duty dealers throughout the U.S. ICTA will also distribute its Class 5 through 7 F-Series cab-over trucks through its Isuzu network.

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    minuteman trucks
One of Vantage Vehicle International's New Electric Vehicles

  Lincoln Service and Equipment Co.

Lincoln Service and Equipment of Durham, Conn. offers a wide variety of equipment for scrubbing and sweeping etc. Lincoln Service is also an expert in factory built or customized Cushman, EZ-GO, Taylor Dunn and Tiger Truck utility vehicles.

Most importantly for AltWheels, Lincoln Service is also offering the new line of Vantage Premium Electric Vehicles. Vantage Vehicle International Inc. of California began offering a range of Street Legal Low Speed Electric Vehicles

The Vantage electric line includes: the 2-passenger Extended Cab GreenTruck EVX 1000, the 5-passenger Crew Cab GreenTruck EVR 1000, (both can haul up to 1000 pounds and are available in many configurations), the 5-passenger cargo EVC 1000 GreenVan and the EVP 1000 GreenVan 7-passenge van, the only all-electric vans on the market. All the Vantage vehicles are powered by lead-acid batteries that charge on standard house current in four to six hours. They have a range of up to 60 miles per charge, and accelerate from 0 to 25 mph in five seconds. The cost of operating these vehicles is about three cents per mile and insurance premiums are well below full-sized vehicles. With these cost savings, they typically pay for themselves in about five years.

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    minuteman trucks

  Minuteman Trucks

Minuteman is a complete medium and heavy-duty truck support center. Minuteman Trucks is a Commercial Truck dealership for new and used trucks classes 4-8. They are also the sole Pierce and Medtec Fire & Rescue Apparatus dealer in New England. You can view their commercial truck inventory as well as the parts and services that are available via the website. The International, Ford, Sterling, Pierce, and Medtec names are symbols of quality and Minuteman promises to continue this tradition.

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  Peterbilt Motors Company

The following information is exerpted from the Peterbilt's environmental webpages - viewable in full detail HERE.

Peterbilt Hybrid Trucks - Peterbilt Medium Duty Hybrid trucks are eligible for the maximum amount of available federal incentives. Peterbilt model year 2008, 2009, and 2010 hybrids purchased in the United States are eligible to receive tax credits of up to $12,000 each from the federal government.

The maximum $12,000 credit for Class 7 hybrids is available for the Model 335 Hybrid Electric in both utility-boom and pickup and delivery applications when equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine and an Eaton hybrid system. The Model 335, equipped only as a tractor, is eligible for $9,000 in federal tax incentives. A $6,000 credit, the maximum for Class 6 hybrids, is available for the Model 330 Class 6 Hybrid Electric in utility-boom and pickup-and-delivery applications when equipped with a PACCAR PX-6 engine and an Eaton hybrid system. Support for hybrid technology is growing, and Peterbilt is dedicated to creating sustainable technology for the future.

The Model 335 Hybrid Electric utilizes components that provide up to a 30 to 40 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, when configured for a utility application. These fuel savings are realized through both an on-road fuel economy gain, and an 80 percent reduction in engine idling, through electric operation of the Power Take-Off (PTO) using the on-board lithium-ion batteries.

The Model 330 Hybrid Electric is available with a 26,000 pound GVW rating, and can be configured for non-CDL operation with hydraulic brakes for a greater range of driver options. The integration of the Eaton Hybrid Drive System and the 260-horsepower PACCAR PX-6 engine delivers up to 860 ft-lbs of torque. Launching the vehicle electrically in an urban driving cycle can easily achieve fuel economy benefits in excess of 30 percent.

As of June 30, 2009, only 2008, 2009 and 2010 model year Model 330 and Model 335 Hybrids have been certified by the IRS for the tax credit. Peterbilt is in the process of obtaining certification for additional model year 2010 models.

US EPA Grants for Hybrid Trucks - Peterbilt's complete line of hybrid products are eligible for United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants of up to 25 percent of the total quoted vehicle cost. Eaton Corporation, hybrid system developer, will collaborate with customers to receive Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant discounts. Additional federal tax credits of up to $12,000 and state and municipal funding may also be available to offset the hybrid equipment costs further. The grants are available for regional, state and local governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and public and private companies that operate on behalf of these entities. Peterbilt Hybrid vehicles eligible for the discount include the Model 330 Hybrid Electric, Model 335 Hybrid Electric and Model 320 Hydraulic Launch Assist.

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    royale limo - hybrid l fusion
The Hybrid L is an extended body Ford Fusion Hybrid. By extending
the chassis and the rear door Royale has created a full size
Hybrid Sedan capable of achieving 41 mpg in the city.

  Royale Limousine Manufacturers

Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicles. Royale has embarked on a mission to offer the most energy conscious and environmentally friendly vehicles for livery, taxi and corporations. The Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle line was developed in conjunction with the OEM's and major suppliers to insure quality of construction, safety and product longevity.

Royale has developed a patent pending and efficient method of stretching a vehicle that increases rear legroom by nearly 20%—without compromising ride quality, safety, or adding significant weight. This process insures fuel efficiency while providing the additional legroom required by the livery and taxi industries.

2010 Hybrid L Fusion Livery Sedan (Patent Pending) Bridging the gap between luxury transportation and affordable fuel efficiency the Hybrid L by Royale is America's most fuel-efficient livery vehicle. By extending the chassis and rear doors—as well as adding many luxury upgrades—Royale has created the first purpose-built Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle. The Hybrid L offers nearly 95% of the rear leg and shoulder room of the Lincoln Town Car Executive L, while delivering twice the fuel economy.

This super ultra low emission (SULEV) livery sedan also produces little or no idle emissions because its accessory battery runs the AC at idle. The regenerative braking system keeps the drive battery charged to propel it through city driving up to 47 mph. Call 800.544.5587 today to experience the added legroom, superior fuel efficiency and earth-friendly benefits of owning a Hybrid L by Royale.

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  Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers has more than 84 thousand members - engineers, executives, educators, and students from over 97 countries who share information and ideas for advancing the engineering of mobility systems. SAE provides information about standards, events, and technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space.

Every day SAE demonstrates its commitment to society through local, national, and international awareness programs that promote vehicle safety and maintenance and energy resource conservation. Through the SAE Foundation, SAE is also deeply involved in the engineering-related education of children, teachers, college students, and faculty. Industry and faculty awards provide recognition to outstanding contributors in the profession.

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    Clean Tech Science Fair Poster

  smart center Boston

From its initial conceptualization to today's manufacturing, smart has adhered to strict Daimler environmental guidelines in an effort to protect the environment, reduce energy consumption and innovatively preserve our natural resources. Our "eco balance sheet" offers fascinating insights into the future, from the demands on raw materials to a projection of future waste.

The eco-friendly smart fortwo is produced in Hambach, France. In the factory, smart collects excess heat generated from injection molding machines and uses it to heat our paint booths. They also have their own natural gas fired thermal plant that supplies hot water and electricity to the facility. Smart also works with its suppliers to source its parts in returnable containers. And when waste is unavoidable they don't stop there - they grade it, collect it, analyze it and recycle it.

smart's Environmental Policy: "With our products, we are setting a milestone for environmentally-compatible individual mobility. Every day, we live an efficient and dynamic environmental management system that is aligned towards on-going improvement."

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    Clean Tech Science Fair Poster

  The Foresight Project

Mission: To give high-school students opportunities to examine the long-term consequences of decisions that we make. By providing such experiences, to empower them to become active citizens and inspire them to participate in creating a better future for our world.

Belief: Climate change is the most important challenge our world has ever faced. Understanding climate change and its solutions are the most important educational challenges we have ever faced.

Strategy: To create a short-cut between students and the real world; to personally engage them in their learning experiences; to have them in turn educate and influence others. We do this through our two programs: Imagining Tomorrow: Alternate Energy Futures™, a video and creative writing competition, and the Mass CleanTech Awards, a recognition program run in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fairs: www.theforesightproject.org.

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    WOW Mobile Maintenance Truck

  Tri State Truck Center

Tri State Truck Center in Shrewsbury, Mass can provide you with the new Freightliner, Sterling or Western Star truck you are looking for, whether you prefer to purchase or lease your new vehicle. Tri States also accept trades of ALL name brands, and our used truck inventory include a variety of name brands. Ask us about our new trailer lines.

On call at all times are Tri State's four dedicated Emergency Road Service vehicles as well as 2 W.O.W (Warranty on Wheels) mobile maintenance units. These units are the backbone of our onsite repair programs. Tri State Truck Center has always been an industry leader in providing Emergency Road Service. We initially started our W.O.W program as a courtesy to our truck sales customers. The program was designed to offer these valued customers the substantial benefit of having most of their warranty repairs performed at their business location instead of incurring the added cost and down time of shuttling their vehicle back and forth to our dealership when problems occur.

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    Valence Truck


Valence's core growth market is Motive. From all electric and hybrid personal transporters to commercial delivery vehicles and mass transit buses, Valence is on the road to enabling efficient transportation solutions we need and our environment must have! These quiet, powerful, low to zero-emission vehicles need portable power solutions to operate efficiently. Valence's lithium iron magnesium phosphate offers the optimal combination of performance, safety, cost, reliability and environmental characteristics.

Valence is now working with a global customer base to deliver motive solutions for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), electric vehicles (EVs) and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) including car, bus, truck, tram, scooter and motorbike. We are also working with vehicle manufacturers to develop auxiliary power unit (APU) solutions for climate control and domestic living services/applications. Our primary focus in this market is "Return to Base" commercial fleet vehicles; Valence solutions are perfectly matched to the safety and performance requirements of these workhorse vehicles applications. The high energy density, light weight and extended cycle life of the Valence lithium iron magnesium phosphate U-Charge® system make an ideal alternative for these applications.

Valence has also developed solutions for the robotics and light traction markets. Applications include personal transport devices, wheelchairs, floor cleaning and garden appliances.

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