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Our world depends on making clean energy choices. The below links are great resources to help you make those choices, and to help make our planet a better place to live every day. (listed alphabetically)

An article published by CarMax. A useful resource for the community as the article guides readers through an in-depth analysis of the best electric cars to purchase as we enter a new decade. https://www.carmax.com/articles/best-electric-cars

Find and compare alternative fuel vehicles, engines, and hybrid systems.


Learn about the different types of fuels, what vehicles can use them and where fueling stations are located.


A Homeowner's Guide to Electric Vehicles

If your home is equipped to charge the vehicle you have in mind, an electric car can be an excellent choice. Learn more about the technology and its advantages to decide if driving an electric vehicle is right for you.



Did you know you can save gas beyond the pump?


Learn about strategies and techniques for drivers that will help improve the efficiency of your vehicle, conserve fuel, save money, and reduce emission though these simple changes in driving behavior.


Energy Saving Trust: Electric cars and vehicles

To find out more about plug-in vehicles read our best practice guide on plug-in vehicles or watch our electric car guide video that explains the different types of electric vehicles and helps you understand how the different fuel technologies can work for you. http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/travel/electric-vehicles

Everything Drivers Need to Know About Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are continually gaining more and more respect and growing in popularity and have an appeal to those looking for a more practical and cost-effective solution for their traveling and driving needs. Now, hybrid vehicles help consumers recoup their initial investment because they require owners to have to fill up the gas tank a lot less. With hybrid cars, there are many benefits that add up in a few short years making them a very smart investment for drivers.


Office Of Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy

Offers information and technical advice to communities working to become more energy efficient and environmentally sound. http://www.energy.gov/eere/office-energy-efficiency-renewable-energy

ETA UK: Car buyer's guide

The following guide provides tips on how to make your driving greener and safer as well as the relative merits of different types of car. Going for a second-hand car can be a green as well as financially-canny alternative buying new. https://www.eta.co.uk/car-buyers-guide/

Fleets & Fuels

Massachusetts-based Kiessling Transit has ordered 32 more shuttle vehicles with Lightning Hybrids driveline upfits, nearly doubling its hydraulic hybrid fleet.


Compare fuel properties and characteristic for multiple fuels


Going Green on Campus Guide

It’s important be green and we all know that college life is busy. Luckily, a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can save you precious dollars. Small changes, regular habits, add up to a lifestyle without a lot of time or effort. Here are easy ways you can live greener while you’re a student.



Calculate how much fuel was used and the fuel cost for each trip


The Sunday Times UK - Driving Green

Informative UK page with links regarding costs to drive 'green cars' including insurance, road tax, charge points, ratings and reviews. http://www.driving.co.uk/car-clinic/driving-green/

Learn how to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for your vehicle fleet and create a plan for your fleet by using several saving methods.


Plug In America

Search newly released and upcoming plug-in vehicles including highway-capable cars and trucks, 2- and 3-wheeled, and commercial vehicles.  


Find and compare cars based on fuel economy and energy and environmental impact.


Calculate the cost of ownership and emission for makes and models of most vehicles based on your driving habits.


Outfit your vehicle with these parts and equipment to save on fuel


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